Very convenient reservation form! To do this you must fill out the form and send it to us. The answer to your application you will receive within three hours.
The service is free for pre-stated reservation fee will be charged. 2 hours prior to the expiration of the application with the reservation number is removed.
By phone you can book a room on the day of arrival. Administrator accepts requests and responds to your questions around the clock!
Guaranteed reservation.
Reservation for which produced a complete or partial predoplpta is guaranteed.
Reservation without payment is not guaranteed. And in the case of tariffs in the hotel towards increase in the days of high load, upon arrival to the guest will be charged at the prevailing rate on the day of arrival.

Single room 1-st level (hospital / place / day) - 47,40 rubles
Double-room 1-st level (hospital / place / day) - 81,22 rubles
Single Lux 2-room high level - (bed / place / day) - 78,73 rubles
Single "Deluxe" 2-room high discharge (bed / place / day) - 68,53 rubles
Single room 1 level for the Disabled (bed / place / day) - 38,90  rubles
- For additional space in single-double rooms of higher category of "Luxury" and "Junior" by 50%
- In single rooms for the disabled at 50% of the prescribed tariff for the beds in the production of the certificate invalid
- When checking numbers on weekends and holidays discount of 20% of the set of beds
- For tour groups, sports teams of 10 or more people at a rate of 20% of the rate setting for hospital beds
- To married within a month from the date of registration of marriage in 10% of the prescribed tariff for the beds.
Under the conditions of simultaneous application of two or more types of discounts are not cumulative. Guests enjoy a discount of one larger one.

 Phone / Fax: 8-1651-20-433

For reservations by e-mail, you must specify the following information:
Surname, name, date of arrival, estimated time of departure day, room, seats / rooms and the availability of additional services. Application for rooms is desirable to confirm one day prior to arrival.
Corporate customers need to provide a telephone number for feedback. Prices and living conditions on applications for a large number of rooms are discussed individually.
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