Comfortable rooms.
Hotel "Jubilee offers comfortable accommodation in the rooms: Suite, Junior Suite, single and double rooms. All rooms are equipped with telephone, TV, refrigerator, single and double beds, showers and modern bathrooms, air-conditioner. Safe-deposit box is located at the reception, each room has a brush for cleaning shoes and clothing,
You can visit the café on the ground floor. Skilled chefs prepare each dish. You can book your room.
To accommodate atotransporta arriving guests have free parking, which is under video surveillance around the clock.
First aid kit.
First aid kit First aid is located at the reception and maid. In the case of even small ailments, please, and if necessary will call an ambulance.
The hotel is equipped with a system around the clock surveillance. For safety, use things safe.
In Malory has bus and railway station. Contact the administrator to order tickets or to specify the time of departure of trains or buses.
If you are a first time in Malory, contact the administrator, you can find out what the most interesting places worth visiting. He will answer all your questions.
Air conditioning.
The suites and junior suites, cafe and VIP-room with air conditioning, remote controlled. In each room, installed a boiler at 80 liters of hot water.
Rooms are cleaned.
Rooms are cleaned daily. Towels replaced every day and bed linen - 3 days. If you need an exceptional cleaning or replacement of linen, contact your administrator.
Wedding package.
The room for the newlyweds are already cooked fruit and champagne. Cozy and comfortable rooms will allow the newlyweds to plunge into the atmosphere of romance and relaxation. The rooms are always quiet, no extraneous noise does not interfere with enjoying each other.
Additional services:
- Making use of elektorochaynika Room
- Heating in the microwave
- Ironing Service
- Storage of personal belongings in a safe
- Making use of utensils in the room (except suites and junior suites)